We have created a secure compound surrounded by palisade security fencing.
With a single entry and exit point through two electronically controlled security
gates, operated by individual issued key fobs which electronically record
every entry and exit allowing easy but secure access for members.

The compound and the entry/exit point is fully alarmed, has security lighting
and also 24 hrs monitored and digitally recorded CCTV cameras.  It is
monitored by ourselves as we live on site.
  • Palisade security fencing
  • Digital 24 hours CCTV coverage 
  • Units are data tagged to monitor movement
  • Alarmed
  • Security lighting
  • Single access entry and exit point
  • Double security gates

                                                                          Outer Gate

                                                                            Inner Gate

                                                                      Key Fob Entry and Exit

  • Members only access control
  • Individual issued key fobs
  • Electronically recorded entry and exit log
  • Stored units are data tagged to monitor movements

                                    Wide roads and pitches

  • 6m (19' 6") wide roads for easy manoeuvering
  • 3.4m (11' 2") wide marked pitches for easy access (normal caravan widths are
    between 7' 2" and 7' 6")

                               Clearly marked Full Hard Standings with plenty of room to manoeuvre

  • Our Grass pitches have hard standing for wheels and jockey wheel to
    ease parking and fitting of security devices
  • Each pitch is clearly marked and numbered

                                                             Clearly numbered and defined grass pitches with wheel hard stands for wheels


                            Hard Standings for wheels and jockey wheel to easy parking and fitting of security devices

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